Master in English in IUT

• Drilling of the wells
• Hydrodynamics
• Mechanics of rocks
• Reservoir physics
• Geology and geophysics

Contents of the program

Program Benefits

What shall we teach

• Attraction of leading scientists and specialists in the field of science
• Teaching in English with the involvement of foreign scientists and experts
• Presence of computer simulators that allow simulating the management of the well construction processes
• Ability to pass industrial practices in the field of industry
• Plan the location of well bores in the reservoir
• Calculate the trajectories of the planned wells
• Manage the trajectory of the wells
• Control drilling modes
• Correct reservoir models based on geophysical survey data during drilling
• Position the well bores, taking into account the corrected reservoir models and technical and technological limitations of the drilling process
• Form final formation models based on drilling results
Graduates studying under the "Geonavigation" program will receive extensive and up-to-date knowledge
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Geosteering in English