Master in English in IUT

• Design of well construction on the sea shelf
• Features of fastening wells on the sea shelf
• Features of well construction on the Arctic shelf
• Technology and technology of drilling of offshore wells
• Monitoring of the drilling process of offshore wells and training
• Features of well construction in frozen rocks

Contents of the program

Program Benefits

What shall we teach

• Attraction of leading scientists and specialists in the field of science
• Teaching in English with the involvement of foreign scientists and experts
• Presence of computer simulators, allowing to manage the process of the well construction
• Ability to pass industrial practices in the field of industry
• Plan research, design and operational activities
• Conduct analytical experiments in these activities
• To solve a wide range of professional tasks related to the design and construction of wells in the shelf
• Manage oil and gas production
Graduates studying "Offshore Drilling" program, will receive extensive and up-to-date knowledge
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